Sunday, February 24, 2013

Your Embroidered Logo: The Perfect 100% Cotton Polo?

Looking for a good cotton polo that doesn't shrink or fade? Shirts containing cotton fibers are subject to shrinkage over time even if the fabric is preshrunk or shrink-resistant. To lessen shrinkage avoid hot dryers and over drying. Cotton that has been dyed a darker color is more likely to fade over time so switching to a lighter colored shirt will help make fading less noticeable.  When choosing a shirt consider a style that offers performance features such as anti-shrink and anti-fade. While you are aren't limited to high-end styles, you should avoid budget priced shirts to obtain a good quality shirt.

If you haven't tried one of the new 100% polyester performance shirts you may discover your new best shirt.  In addition to being anti-shrink and anti-fade, these styles will keep you comfortable in hot weather with their moisture-wicking capabilities. Finally, don't forget polos made from bamboo.  In addition to their wicking capabilities, these shirts will help keep you warm when its cold, are UV resistant, anti-microbial, easy to care for and made from an earth-sustainable product. You might need to spend a bit a bit more for a shirt with the qualities you want but there are lots of great polos that will meet your needs and earn the part of your new favorite shirt!

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