Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Your Embroidered Logo: Colors?

Choosing logo colors? Top priority is to make sure your colors support your business brand and appeal to your customers.  Also remember what forms your logo will appear in - web page, letterhead, social media, email signature... You'll want to be sure your logo (or a simplified version) works in each medium.

So, what about embroidered apparel? Are there special considerations? A common issue involves choosing a shirt color.  Since artwork is usually presented against a white background most logo colors work on white shirts unless reverse colors are intended (white logo on black shirts for example).  But, what if you want another shirt color such as light green or medium blue?  You may discover that your colors must be adjusted to read well against the new background.

What about choosing a shirt that is your primary business color such as the same color as your business name?  That works as long as the text is surrounded by another color so its still readable.

What's your best option? Pick a shirt color that contrasts well with your logo colors and allow a little flexibility so your logo colors can be changed slightly to accommodate the background. Then your logo will do its job and advertise your business!

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