Saturday, March 28, 2009

Embroidery Questions Answered:

The following are embroidery questions that we often receive:

Q: What is a sandwich bill hat?

A: A sandwich bill hat is a style that has a contrasting color on the edge of the brim. A popular use is to choose a hat with a sandwich brim color that is the same as a color in your logo. For example, if your business name is in white thread, if you pick a hat style with a white sandwich color then this will reinforce your business name and give you unique-looking custom embroidered hats.

Q: Can the embroidered logo I used for my polo shirts be used for hats?

A: Possibly. Generally speaking, designs for hats must be set-up differently then polo shirt designs although some shirt logos will sew well on hats. Also, hat designs have a 2" height restriction whereas logos designed for polo shirts may be "taller". In addition, due to the curved surface of hats, very small text won't embroider as well on hats.

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