Sunday, February 1, 2009

Embroidery Questions: Uneven Text?

You've ordered custom embroidered polo shirts. You've been emailed your embroidery set-up, a screen shot from the embroidery software. You view the file. Everything looks good except the text is very uneven! You've seen actual embroidered samples from this embroider and the text always looked fine. What's wrong?

Most likely the uneven text is due to a condition known as the"push and pull of embroidery". Depending on the shape of a element, some elements "push in" (shorten) while other elements "push out" (lengthen). For example, when a circle is digitized (translated into stitch format) it must be an egg shape to embroider as a circle. To compensate for this condition some letters must be created at a bigger size in the embroidery set-up so they will embroider at the correct size. If there's any question ask your embroider if they can email a scan of an actual sew-out of your logo.

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