Friday, January 23, 2009

PMS Embroidery Matching

How is PMS (Pantone Matching System) matching accomplished when you need exact color matching for custom embroidered polo shirts? If your logo was designed with PMS colors then your embroiderer can see if there are matching PMS thread colors. Although many PMS colors have matching embroidery thread, not all PMS colors have equilivant thread colors. If that is the case, your embroiderer will choose the next closest colors so you can pick the thread colors you prefer. In that situation your embroider should show you different samples that illustrate the various thread color possibilities so you can choose the closest match.


Anonymous said...

Is there a guide to matching PMS colors to thread colors? How about pantone colors?

Jennifer DeRosa said...

We use Madeira thread. There is a PMS to Madeira thread conversion chart on the back of their thread charts. You can also call Madeira to ask what the closest thread match is.