Sunday, February 8, 2009

Embroidery: Design Your Own Logo?

Just purchased Photoshop so you can create your own logo? Before being tempted to use cool-looking effects think about what elements make up a logo that is unique, memorable and appropriate for a business. The best logos have a simple design that is easily modified to work in a variety of mediums such as print, a web page or embroidered apparel. The largescale, detailed picture you created won't translate well into embroidery if you use complex gradients, shadows, small text and other fine details. Make sure your logo is designed at the correct scale, 3.5"-4", for most left chest embroidered logos. Print your logo and tape to a shirt. Can every element be easily read from a three foot distance? If any detail is borderline in print it will be unreadable when embroidered so it must be enlarged or eliminated. Remember, when it comes to logos, simple works best.

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