Saturday, January 10, 2009

Embroidery Questions Answered

Question: Does the number of thread colors in an embroidered logo effect the cost?

Answer: Generally speaking, unless your logo has more than fifteen colors the cost won't be effected. An exception is when you have a large quantity (a hundred plus) items to be embroidered. Then you may be charged more for designs with multiple thread colors because each color change increases the running time for the embroidered design.

Question: How Can I Choose a Fitted Polo?

Answer: Choose a slim fit style for teens and young adults. These polo shirts have a trimmer cut and often contain some spandex in the fabric. For adults, pick a style that contains some spandex. Some women get a better fit by choosing a ladies plus size rather than ordering up a size or purchasing a man's shirt. Taller men may prefer a tall-sized polo that is designed with more length in the chest and sleeves.

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