Thursday, March 14, 2019

Your Embroidered Logo: Use a Drawing???

Can a drawing be used to create an embroidery set-up? Possibly.

When a digitizer (person who creates an embroidery set-up) digitizes a design, he uses an artwork file as a template to show him where to place stitches. If the artwork file was created by a professional graphic artist, then it should be a clean, balanced, well-proportioned design.

A drawing can be scanned to create a computer file but that doesn’t make it equal in quality to professionally designed art work. Drawings usually need to be “cleaned up” to create a usable template for an embroidery set-up.

While a good digitizer can improve the look of a poor design the end result may not be as professional-looking as a logo designed by a graphic designer.

Instead, use drawings to develop your initial ideas and employ a graphic designer (preferably one who understand the needs of embroidery) to create your artwork and your logo will look and work better for your business!

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