Sunday, March 31, 2019

Your Embroidered Logo: Design Tips

Its spring! Time to have shirts printed for your new business. You grab clip art from the net, pencil in some text and you’re good to go - right?

If you want a good design that isn’t too expensive to print then consider these ideas:

1. If the design is to be your logo that represents your business then you’ll need permission to use it.  Not every image on the internet is free to use. Make sure you have permission to use your chosen image.

2. Use a decorator who has the ability and understanding to add your text to your image. Adding text to a design without any thought about the right placement, sizing, font or amount of text can lead to a poor design. Instead, use someone who has the right experience and skill to create a well-designed logo.

3. Consider simplifying your image to a one color design to save money if you plan to have your shirts screen printed. If you must have a multi-color design then mostly likely it will be more cost effective to have your shirts direct to garment printed.

Side Note: Many thanks to FEEDSPOT for including us in their list of the Top 25 Embroidery Blogs. We appreciate it!

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