Sunday, April 8, 2018

Your Embroidered Logo: Special Effects

Using Photoshop to develop your new business logo? Love all the special effects you can try? Adding shadowing, gradients and different textures can make your logo look unique.  Give your business name a rainbow-like color gradation and it will look really cool and standout. Right?

Not necessarily. While a large-sized version of your "gradient" logo may look sharp in print, is that the only format you’ll use for your logo? Can your logo be successfully modified for smaller mediums where the color gradient must be simplified into one color? If so, will a simplified version look like a well-designed logo?

Using special effects can give your logo a modern appearance but BEWARE. Adding special effects usually means adding more detail. When this type of logo is simplified to work for smaller mediums it may not work well. If your logo doesn't work when scaled to a smaller size then it doesn't have a strong design and its time to develop a new logo.

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