Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Your Embroidered Logo: Capture Artwork Colors?

Customer Question: Is it possible to reduce artwork and still capture the colors in the artwork when the image is digitized?

That depends on the artwork, the skill level of the digitizer and the size of the digitized design. If the artwork consists of specific colors (e.g. areas of blue, green and purple) those areas can be created in the digitized embroidery file as long as each area isn't too small or detailed to work for embroidery.

If the artwork consists of gradients of color (area that blends from blue to green to purple) that area can be digitized if it isn't too small.  For example, if the logo is for custom embroidered long sleeve polo shirts then most likely the gradient can't be accomplished because the embroidered design is small. But, if the design is a large jacket back design then it might be possible.

Depending on the artwork, sometimes the digitizer can use certain techniques to make an area look like a color blend. Occasionally a blend is best represented by using a totally different thread color. At times the sheen of embroidery thread can help create a certain look. Generally speaking, embroidery looks best when viewed as a representation of artwork rather than a detailed replication of it.

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