Saturday, October 1, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: When Printing is Better Option...

While most items look great with an embroidered logo there are times when having your logo printed will produce a better effect.  Let's say you want a small quantity of T's decorated with a large multi-colored design. The design is too large to be embroidered on a light-weight T-shirt so printing is a better option.  But, it will be expensive to have a multi-colored design screen printed on a small number of T's and it may be hard to locate a printer who will print a small quantity.  Is there another option? Yes - direct garment printing!

Direct garment printing is a process that allows you to have a few shirts printed without having to pay for screen charges and meet typical screen printing quantity minimums. The resulting print looks like screen printing except depending on the type of garment printer, white ink might not look as white when printed on dark-colored shirts. The per shirt cost will be slightly more than a screen printed shirt but there won't be any screen charges which would be expensive for a multi-colored screen printed design. To find a decorator who offers this type of printing ask the printer if they have "direct garment printing".

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