Saturday, August 6, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: Well-Designed?

Your embroidered business logo should be readable, directed to your potential customers, unique and memorable. But, will that alone give it a professional appearance? No.  It must be well-designed. It should be balanced with the primary focus given to your business name. What is a "balanced" logo?  A logo with a unified look with a good division of space, color and shape between the design elements.

When you look at your logo does your business name command primary attention with the secondary elements such as a tag line or image serving a supporting role? Or, does it have an amateurish, unorganized look with incorrectly sized elements in colors that don't work together?

If your logo has a poor appearance analyze it to understand what the problem is. Delete, resize and reposition elements and adjust the colors (don't forget to consider the background color) until you have an embroidered logo that works for your business and gives your embroidered button down shirts a top-quality, professional appearance!

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