Saturday, August 13, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: Background Color?

How many colors are in your embroidered logo? Two, three? The typical business logo has one to three thread colors. But WAIT, don't forget the shirt color! Unless you plan to wear white shirts most likely you haven't seen how your logo looks against different background colors.

Its important to think what background color will work best for your logo. Whatever you pick can have a big effect on how your logo is perceived. Pick a highly contrasting color and your embroidered logo will stand out well. Pick a slightly different color and your logo will make a more subtle statement. Pick a color that's similar to a color in your logo (many people do this because they associate that color with their business) and your logo will be hard to read. Its your choice. A subtle look can make a classy statement but when you want to be clearly seen think "high contrast".

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