Friday, July 15, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: Modifying Artwork?

You had a new business logo designed recently but you've never used it to purchase embroidered shirts. You realize your logo might need modifications to make it "embroidery-friendly" but what does that mean? What types of changes can be made?

Resize artwork?  - Artwork can be resized but it may be impossible to embroider small details.  Instead it may be better to simplify or eliminate those details.

Change colors? - The colors in your embroidered design can be different than in your artwork. If you change the colors make sure they look balanced and show up well against the garment color.

Eliminate elements? - Design elements such as small text, shadows and borders can be eliminated. If you eliminate shadows and borders make sure you can easily read your logo without modifying the colors.

Resize elements? - Design elements can be resized if there is enough room within the embroidery area. For example, small text can be enlarged to make it more readable.

Kern text? - Unwanted space can be eliminated between individual characters of a word so the connector threads aren't visible.

Divide text? - Small text can be divided into two lines and increased in size so its more readable.

Remove white background? - The white background of a jpeg image can be easily removed. If you have white elements in your design note that those elements are to be in white thread so they aren't removed.

For more tips on how to make the most of your embroidered logo see Embroidery News.

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