Sunday, July 17, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: Changes?

Last time we discussed what changes can be made to your artwork to make it work for embroidery.  Wondering what changes can't easily be made?

Change the font - a font in your artwork can't be changed to another font unless you provide artwork for the new font. But, if there is very small text in a detailed font sometimes that font can be switched to a more common font so the text is more readable at a small size.

Downsize the logo to whatever size is needed - depending on the amount of detail and the required size you may be able to downsize your logo.

Add a border or shadow - a border or shadow can be added if there is enough room in the design.

Not sure what changes can be made to your artwork?  Ask your embroiderer.  They can correctly size your logo and let you know if any changes are needed.

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