Sunday, June 12, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: Placement

Worried that your embroidered logo won't be placed correctly on your shirts? Most embroiderers follow a standard placement guide for left chest (heart placement) logos depending on the garment size, style, and whether its for a man or a woman. What are some of the considerations when deciding on logo placement?

Unisex Sizing - Many budget-friendly styles are only available unisex sizes. Also many companies only order a men's cut to simplify the ordering process. When unisex sizing is used the embroidered logo is usually placed in the "ladies" position (generally higher and closer to the center of the shirt).  This placement looks good on everyone whereas the lower, "men's" location may be too low for some women.

Right Chest - While most customers prefer a left chest placement its perfectly fine to choose right chest placement. Why might you want the right chest? If the shirt has a pocket and the logo is "tall" or you put items in the pockets that extend above the pocket.

On the Pocket - Usually there isn't enough room on the underside of the pocket to embroider on the pocket unless it is removed from the shirt before being embroidered.

Ladies Tanks - When the space is limited in the "strap" area the logo is lowered slightly.

For more tips about how to get the most from your embroidered logo see Embroidery News.

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