Sunday, November 24, 2013

Your Embroidered Shirts: Add Tag Text?

Your new logo has been designed by a graphic designer.  It looks great and represents your evolving business. You plan to order embroidered shirts for your group.  At the last minute you decide that a tag line should be added. Your embroiderer can do this but is that the best option?

Adding two to three words in a simple block font may work fine but carefully proof your revised artwork before proceeding.  The added text might be the perfect compliment to your logo OR, it may be a misplaced detail that detracts from the strong, clear design you originally had.

Determined to add your text although early attempts don't look right? Ask your graphic designer.  They'll know what fonts, colors, sizing and spacing to use so the text supports your design rather than looking like a last minute addition that detracts from your logo's impact.

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