Monday, November 11, 2013

Your Embroidered Logo: Need a New Business Logo?

Want to purchase embroidered shirts to help build your business brand? Need a logo for your new business? Consider using just your business name in a distinctive font. Most embroiderers offer the option of using a stock embroidery font at little or no extra cost.  That option is fine for some projects but having your business name embroidered in the right font will give it the unique look of a custom design.

Should you include a tag line, phone number or web address? You may want to add a tag line but that isn't necessary and not doing that will leave more space for your business name. In most cases you'll want to avoid adding a phone number or web address because having too much text can make your design (including the name) harder to read. If you must include extra text consider placing it in a sleeve or upper back design.

How do you find the right font? Your embroiderer may be able to suggest possibilities or you can experiment with different fonts at sites such as Be careful to consider the final size of your design (3" - 3.75" maximum width) for most embroidered designs.  Before making your final decision have your embroiderer review your choice to see if the font will work for embroidery.

Do some fonts work better than others for embroidered left chest designs? YES! Fonts with lots of detail such as small serifs, variable column width, old English-type detail, stencil characters, distressed elements and small closed letter openings (e.g. letters a and e) won't embroider well at a small size.

Fonts have many different characteristics and can say a lot about your business and how you do business. After narrowing your choices take a break and review the possibilities at a later time.  Have other people who are familiar with your business choose their finalist and tell you why they made their choice. Take time picking the right font and you'll have a unique embroidered logo that works for your business!

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