Sunday, August 11, 2013

Your Embroidered Shirts: Pricing?

You've received quotes for custom embroidered polo shirts and you're comparing pricing.  One shop has a low per shirt price but set-up, embroidery and shipping are extra.  Another decorator has a high per shirt price with everything included.  A third embroiderer quotes a total for the entire job. Who offers the best pricing?

Its usually best to figure out a per shirt price so you can easily compare pricing.  That fee should include the shirt, embroidery, embroidery set-up and other possible charges such as shipping, artwork and taxes. That way if the total number of shirts changes you'll know what the cost is. If you plan to reorder in the future you'll also want to know if your design will be kept on file, if there is a minimum order requirement and what the per shirt cost will be.

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