Sunday, March 10, 2013

Your Embroidered Logo: Enlarge Your Impact

Want your embroidered logo to be seen? You've seen logos that seem too small. Can't the size be increased? Possibly but there are limits for chest-sized logos. Four inches wide is usually the maximum size.  You might be able to add an extra quarter inch but anything larger looks too big on smaller sizes and  may not fit between the sleeve and placket seams. Sometimes text can be divided into two lines and enlarged but then you have more to read within the confines of a left chest logo.

Instead of increasing the size of your design focus on how its presented. Eliminate or downsize unnecessary elements and increase the size of your business name.  Have a  long name? Consider enlarging part of it. Stick to the primary components and be careful how you arrange them. Your embroidered logo will be easier to read and have more impact if you present the key elements in a memorable arrangement rather than trying to include too much text in a limited space.

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