Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't Forget Value!

If you expect to get some return from your investment then don’t buy shirts that no one will wear. What about purchasing your own shirts at a discount and just paying for embroidery? That may work if you find quality shirts at a good price but most embroiderers charge more for “embroidery only” so most likely you’ll pay more if you purchase shirts separately.

You’re safest choice is to ask your embroiderer for a style that works for your purpose. If you want cheaper embroidered polo shirts for a give-away they can suggest a style that is a good value and will be worn. If your shirts are for a business where your employees get dirty or there is a high employee turnover, less expensive shirts may work because you must provide new shirts frequently to replace stained items and cover new employees. If you need shirts for a professional business environment, better quality shirts will help your staff present a professional image. In addition, better quality shirts will stay looking good longer so you won’t have to order shirts as often. Remember; consider the value of the style – not just the price.

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