Friday, September 21, 2007

Screen Printing Vs. Embroidery - Get The Right Look!

Sometimes screen printing is the prefered decoration method over embroidery because it creates the right look. A logo that looks great printed in a distressed style cannot be recreated in the same way with embroidery but you can create a different type of distressed look with embroidery. Screen printing can reproduce fine details such as small stylized fonts; outlining and color gradations. In embroidery, small fonts many need to be increased in size or converted to a block font, outlining may need to be eliminated and color gradations may be possible if there is enough room to make them work.

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ThreadPerfection said...

Embroidery is really good for the "corporate look" & screen printing is good for the more "casual" look along with fine details. Also they are both good for promotional items. These are cheap ways of getting your business out there in front of potential customers.