Friday, August 3, 2007

Extra Care Embroidery Items

Need custom embroidery for a special garment such as a wedding dress or christening gown? To get the best job you need to find an experienced embroiderer who does specialty embroidery. Start early (2-3 months before you need the item) and call different embroidery shops to see if they have experience with this type of work. Ask specific questions such as, “Do you embroider wedding gowns?” and” Do you have samples that you can show me?” You want to use an embroiderer who will carefully clean the machine work area before embroidering to avoid getting dirt, oil or grease on your garment. Make sure to discuss the font style, sizing, exact placement and thread color (usually tone-on-tone for wedding & christening dresses) to be used. This type of embroidery takes extra time, experience and care. Even though you may only be adding a name to a garment expect to pay more for embroidery on “extra care” items.

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