Friday, August 31, 2007

Add Pizzazz to Your Threads!

Besides rayon and polyester threads, speciality threads such as metallic, solar activated and multi color are used for different custom embroidery applications. Most people are familiar with metallic thread which is available in a variety of colors including gold, silver and copper. Because metallic thread is more difficult to embroider with it isn't suitable for every application but it can add sparkle to a holiday design. Solar active thread, which looks like white thread until it is exposed to sunlight, comes in basic colors such as red, blue, green, yellow and purple. This thread can produce surprising results. Imagine a wedding dress that appears to be white until the bride exits from the church! Another nice effect is produced by using multi color thread to create a camo look. This thread looks great in a wide column font on hats. Expect to pay more for speciality threads but when used correctly, these threads give pizzazz to your design!

One last thread to come!

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