Thursday, November 9, 2017

Your Embroidered Logo: Border Color?

You want to order black custom embroidered polo shirts but you're wondering if your logo will show up well because your design has a black outline. Can the outline be changed to another thread color?

The outline color can be changed but it probably won't look right. Adding a black border to a logo adds emphasis to the design.  Adding a border in a lighter color will most likely change the appearance of the design rather than just highlighting existing elements.

If the colors in your design contrast well against the black border and your design is fairly bold then your logo will look fine when embroidered on black shirts. You'll still see the black outline but it won't be very noticeable.  But, if you want the outline in your logo to help make your design "pop" then choose a lighter shirt color that contrasts with the colors in your embroidered logo.

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