Saturday, July 22, 2017

Your Embroidered Logo: Add Text?

It's your companies' 25th anniversary. You're having a big celebration and your boss wants you to order custom embroidered polo shirts to distribute. You have an existing logo but she wants to add "25th Anniversary" and the date. Is that possible?

It depends on the size of your existing logo. Left chest logos are usually 2.5" - 4" wide. If your logo already occupies most of this space then you won't be able to add more text. Most likely you can't decrease the size of your logo to gain extra room because that would make it unreadable. What are your options?

You can have a new logo designed for your anniversary celebration. If your current logo is outdated this may be a good choice if you have plenty of time. But, designing a logo can be a lengthy process so that may not work for you. Another option is to add just text in another location. This text can be embroidered on the right chest, a sleeve or possibly on the collar. You'll pay slightly more per shirt for the additional embroidery location but you should get your embroidered shirts quickly.

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