Sunday, June 11, 2017

Your Embroidered Logo: Larger Hat Design?

Wish your embroidered hat design looked bigger? Its 2.25" high but not as wide.  Your embroiderer says it can't be any larger so it doesn't occupy much space on the front of the hat.  Can you make it look better?

Hat designs look best when they are approximately 2" high and 4" wide. This area covers the space on the front of a hat. If your hat design is vertically orientated its size is limited by the 2.25" height restriction for hats.

What can you do? Consider editing the design so it has a horizontal orientation.  This may involve rearranging and /or adjusting the spacing and sizing of different design elements. Or, simplify the design and focus on one element so it doesn't look too detailed and center it on one of the front panels rather then in the center of the cap.

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