Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: In White Thread?

Logos in white thread are "in" but is white the best thread color for your logo? Not necessarily. If your logo was originally created using more than one color and the areas of color overlap then simplifying your logo to one color won't work without loosing some of the logo's clarity.  In addition, you may loose some of its visual dimension, interest and impact depending on the elements within the design.

What about the look of white thread? Embroiderers consider white thread to be the least forgiving thread color because the human eye sees every individual strand or imperfect stitch. If you compare a logo in white thread with the same logo in a darker thread color the darker example will look better because your eye doesn't see as many of the imperfections.

When do all-white logos work? If your logo is simple an all-white logo can provide a refreshing change. If the garment fabric is multi-colored such as a checked shirt then an all-white logo may be easier to read. Finally, if your logo has been the same for a long time it might be good to have a new look.

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