Sunday, May 1, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: Timing

Its spring. Your new business will have its grand opening next week. You're almost ready but you haven't ordered your embroidered shirts yet.  A graphic designer has been designing your logo.  He emailed to say it will be completed soon so you should be good.  Time to order embroidered shirts!

You locate an embroiderer, choose a shirt style and place your order.  Your order should be ready in a few days, right? Possibly. If your artwork is complete and embroidery friendly, the shirts you ordered are easily obtainable and your embroiderer isn't too busy with previously scheduled work then its likely you'll receive your shirts on time. But, what if your artwork isn't ready? Your design must be adjusted to work for embroidery? The shirts are located a few days away? Your order must be shipped to you?

Allow enough time to order custom embroidered apparel. Some first time orders can be processed quickly while others require more time. Most decorators don't want to turn down work (especially if they've already invested time in the order) but it can take more than a few days to complete an order. Allow plenty of time and you'll have your embroidered shirts when you need them and be totally happy with them!

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