Sunday, April 10, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: Be Distinct!

Contrasting Thread: Multi-colored garment colors like "heathered navy", "space-dyed purple charcoal" and "black camo" look best with a simple design embroidered in  a bright, contrasting thread color.

Artwork Check: Give your artwork file a specific name - your business name works best - before sending it to your embroiderer.  If you don't and it has a general name like "logo" or "shirts" it will be harder to identify. Make sure all the detail in the file can be read. If its too pixelated to read your embroiderer won't be able to complete your set-up.

Easy But Effective Logo:  Starting a business?  Feel its too soon to have a logo created but you want to wear embroidered shirts to advertise your business? Consider having your business name embroidered in a distinctive font and use a bright thread color that contrasts well with the garment color.

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