Sunday, February 15, 2015

Your Embroidered Logo: Simplify Eliminate Contrast

Ordering polar fleece jackets for your business staff?  Want your custom embroidered polar fleece to look GREAT? Start by adjusting your artwork.

1. Simplify your logo
2. Eliminate small text
3. Contrast thread colors with fleece color

There is a tendency for thread to sink into plush fabrics like polar fleece so you may want to slightly increase the overall size of your design to improve readability.

Having button down shirts embroidered? You may include your tagline text. Small text can be embroidered on tightly woven fabrics because the thread will sit on the top of the fabric and be clearly seen rather than sinking in and getting "lost". So, if your tagline is short and your logo isn't too detailed you can include your tagline but don't go overboard. When in doubt, leave small text out.  This will allow more room for the most important element in your logo - your BUSINESS NAME.

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