Thursday, March 13, 2014

Your Embroidered Logo: Button Downs Or T's?

You're faced with a decision.Your new logo looks great in print but your embroiderer says it must be simplified for embroidery. You love all the details and shadowing so you wonder if there's another option.  Screen printing is suggested but you'll need to switch from button down to tee shirts.

Button downs or T's - how do you decide?  You want the professional look of button down shirts and don't want to downgrade their appearance by printing them. You also love all the details in your new logo so you don't want to simplify it for embroidery but will tee shirts work?

What should you do? If you need a more professional look choose embroidered button down shirts.  Customers will notice your logo and it will convey a higher value than a printed logo.  Although you may be disappointed that your embroidered logo is missing minor details it still contains the essential information that advertises your business and most likely your customers won't notice the difference!

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