Thursday, July 4, 2013

Embroidered Shirts: The "Right" Shirt?

Assigned the task of ordering shirts for your group? Last year's shirt didn't work and its up to you to find a better option quickly. Terrified by the idea of picking out the "right" style that will please everyone including your boss? How do you proceed?

Collect information about past orders.  What was wrong about last year's shirt?  Was the color too light?  Did the fabric wrinkle easily? Was it unflattering? Too "cheap" looking?

Develop an idea of what works for your group. Don't forget to consider basic features such as fabric type, availability in needed color and sizes and budget requirements. Consider what other qualities will make this year's shirt a "hit". Will a moisture-wicking fabric keep everyone cool? Will your logo look great against that new shade of green? Will a preshrunk cotton reduce sizing issues?

Make a list of your needs and ask your embroiderer to suggest some styles. If you're unsure about different options such as fabric types your embroiderer will be able to answer your questions. Narrow your possibilities to three choices, get a second opinion if necessary, review your top priorities and choose your shirt!

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