Sunday, January 13, 2013

Your Embroidered Hats: Provide Your Hats?

Purchased some cheap hats for embroidery?  Got a great price but getting them embroidered hasn't been easy? Why are embroiderers reluctant to accept customer-provided hats?

Unlike flat items such as shirts and jackets, hats must be hooped on a circular frame.  If a hat fits the embroiderer's frame then the job should run smoothly but since hats come in thousands of different shapes and sizes many styles don't fit the embroiderer's equipment very well. While some hats are only slightly off  others are nearly impossible to embroider well and can be very frustrating to handle. How do embroiderers deal with this problem?  Many decide to only sell styles that they know will fit their machine so they can avoid potenial problems.

So, how about the hats you've already purchased? Can you find an embroiderer who will embroider them and do a good job?  Yes, with a little more searching and time spent running a sample you should find an embroidered who will do a good job running your hats. 

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