Sunday, August 8, 2010

Embroidered Shirt Tips

Are the cheapest embroidered shirts necessarily the best buy? There are lots of fairly inexpensive styles provided by well-known manufacturers that might have the lowest price tag but aren't necessarily the best buy. Often by the time you add embroidery to these shirts you've invested more into the embroidery then the shirt and you get shirts that don't last long. That's fine if the shirts are part of a promotional give-away but don't expect them to work for everyday wear. Instead, invest in a style that costs a few more dollars and you'll have a shirt that lasts. Not sure what style is a good buy? Ask your embroiderer!


nclogowear said...

These customized designs and logos may be designed by yourself, an external organization or the company where you wish to have your T Shirts embroidered. Most of the times, companies that embroider your T Shirts have their own team of designers and artists who can create unique logos or designs for you. Custom embroidery on T Shirts lets others gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization at the very first look.

Custom Embroidery is the best form of merchandising even if it may be worn by a set number of people who are part of the particular organization. Furthermore, custom embroidery is a way of expressing your overall personality and is equally stylish enough provided you choose the best stunning designs.

Custom Embroidery

Anonymous said...

embroidered sweatshirts are a great personalized gift gift idea! thanks for the post, very much