Saturday, February 27, 2010

Embroidered Bamboo Polos: Wear a Style That Performs!

Have you seen the K497 (men's) and L497 (ladies) polos? Yes, shirts made from sustainable bamboo trees. Embroidered bamboo polo shirts are one of our best selling new polo styles. Bamboo shirts are wonderful for keeping you cool and comfortable by helping to regulate your body temperature. Bamboo trees are used to create a miracle fabric known for its moisture-wicking, odor-inhibiting and UV resistant qualities.

Besides winning top ratings as a performance fabric, garments made from bamboo resist wrinkles and are hypoallergenic. Admired for their luxurious, silk-like sheen, unlike shirts made from silk, bamboo polos can be machine washed. In addition to being easy to care for this fabric embroiders well so the small details in your logo embroider cleanly. In addition to looking great you'll feel great when wearing this earth-friendly product!

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