Sunday, August 9, 2009

Embroidery Questions: Logo Placement On Pocket Shirt

You're having button down shirts embroidered with your logo. The style you've chosen has a pocket on the left side. Should your logo be embroidered above the pocket or on the right side?

Most people choose the left chest location but depends somewhat on the orientation of the logo and the pocket placement. With a horizontally orientated logo and lower pocket (pocket placed lower on the shirt) the logo looks fine. Some people prefer right chest placement because they feel the logo balances with the pocket although the pocket and logo aren't necessarily across from each other.

If your logo is vertically orientated I suggest checking the pocket placement before embroidering. Depending on the location of the pocket on a particular style, your logo may work in that location.


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Advantages of Embroidered Logo Shirts

Embroidered logo shirts are really superior for employers in two different situations.
The first is when the employee is coming to the business or residence to do work. Whether it’s to do yard work, run tests on the internet, or do an audit for weatherization, it’s reassuring to see the company logo embroidered on workers’ shirts. There are so many stories in the news about people pretending to be workmen just to scope out a house for a burglary. If the person is wearing a shirt with an embroidered logo, customers can be sure that person is really from the company.
It also looks a lot more professional to wear a shirt with an embroidered logo than to just wear ordinary street clothes. The company seems more established. The shirts also give the message that the company treats its employees well, because if they had dissatisfied employees, they’d have high turnover. It only makes sense to invest in embroidered shirts if employees stay with the company long-term. The embroidered shirts just make a good impression.
The second situation in which embroidered logo shirts are helpful is in retail establishments. If all the employees are wearing the same color shirts, with the company logo embroidered on them, it’s easier for customers to spot them. Nobody will mistake employees of other companies, such as inventory workers or delivery people, for the store’s employees. The customers can always tell who’s who.
This is even more beneficial for smaller establishments. Mom and pop convenience stores, sandwich shops, plant nurseries, and so on, get all the advantages a bigger employer gets from logo shirts, but they also make themselves stand out among smaller businesses. Instead of feeling as if they’ve walked into a generic shop, customers seeing the logo will be reminded of the name of the e place they’re shopping. The more often they see the name, the more likely they are to remember it.
In either situation, it’s also pleasant for the customer if the employee’s name is embroidered on the shirt as well. It’s nice to know what somebody’s name is, and an embroidered shirt makes a better impression than a pin-on name tag. While the name tags are nice, the embroidered name lets customers know that the company makes some investment in their employees.
There are so many reasons why the embroidered logo shirts are better for customers, and thus better for the company.