Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stock Embroidery: Questions Answered

Use a Stock Embroidery Design?

A stock embroidery design is a logo that has been set-up for embroidery. It is digitized so that it can be embroidered on most fabrics. Stock designs are available for just about any subject and are organized by category such as sports and animals. Using a stock design is a good way to lower your cost rather than paying to have artwork digitized.

Can The Colors Be Changed In a Stock Design?

Each individually colored area in an embroidery design can be changed to another color but additional areas of color can’t be added without requiring design editing.

Can Text Be Added To a Stock Design?

Text can be added to a stock design but there must be enough room for the design and the text when the item is hooped (placed in a circular hoop) for embroidery.

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