Monday, August 11, 2008

Logo Sizing?

You’re creating artwork for your custom embroidered polo shirts and hats. What size should your logo be for a left chest logo? How about for the back of a hat? Here’s a sizing list:

Left/ right chest logo – 3.5” – 3.75” (may be 3.25” to 4” depending on the logo)

Hat Front - 4” wide x 2” high (some vertically orientated designs may be up to 2 ½” high)

Hat Back – a web address, location or short tag line arced around the keyhole opening works best

Hat Side - 2” x 2”

Visors - 4” wide x 1” high

Jacket Back - 10” to 12” wide or high (can be more for larger jackets)

Shirt Back - 6” wide (web address)

Names - size to work with corresponding logo

Children’s - size in proportion to garment

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