Thursday, June 5, 2008

Advantages of Embroidery?

So, what are the advantages of embroidery? Embroidery thread catches the light and gives the design a three-dimensional quality. Although embroidered text can’t be as small as printed text, the satin stitches used to create text give the logo a rich look that has a higher perceived value. Also, different thread colors can be used in a logo without increasing the cost unlike screen printing where each color means adding an additional screen charge.

How do you choose whether custom embroidery or screen printing is better for you? Base your decision on what type of garment is being decorated and what is the purpose of the decoration. If you want to advertise your business name, location and phone number around town while you run your weekly errands; screen printing will work for you. Simplify your front design and add the details in a full back design. If you need shirts for a business presentation choose embroidered dress shirts or nice quality polo shirts to create the right image.

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