Friday, January 18, 2008

Embroidery Friendly?

You've purchased a bag that you want to have embroidered. You call an embroiderer to inquire about their services and the embroiderer asks, "Is it embroidery friendly?" What does that mean?

Items must be hooped to be embroidered and an embroidery needle must be able to go through the material. If the items is a large unflexible bag, it must fit on the embroidery machine. Also, there must be enough room for the embroidery arm to fit underneath the embroidered area. Sometimes this is a problem when embroidering on a pocket because the arm cannot fit under the entire area of the embroidered design.

Not sure if your bag is embroidery friendly? You might need to show it to your embroider or send them a picture. Haven't bought your bag yet? Purchase your bag from your embroider. They can show you a wide selection of bags that are embroidery friendly.

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