Friday, March 16, 2007

What Is Your Hat Style?

What about cap pricing? As you might expect, styles with more details tend to have a larger price tag. The number of embroidery locations on a cap will affect the price. Expect to pay an additional fee if your caps are embroidered in more than one location. Caps run the gamut from “value” priced caps to designer styles. If you’re unsure about what style will best suite your budget consult your embroiderer. Most embroiderers have samples of styles they like. Occasionally an embroider may recommend against using a particular style because they think your design won’t work well on that style or that cap is difficult to embroider and you won’t be happy with the results.

Still not sure what baseball hat to pick? Ask your embroiderer! He or she can suggest styles that will work well with your logo and satisfy your needs. Most important, don’t forget to order plenty of hats so you have enough to give to your friends, family, customers and employees. Hats make great advertising! People wear hats everywhere and they are seen. Let them be seen wearing your hat advertising your business.

What is your hat style? My favorite is the Adams LP 101 pigment dyed cap. It’s your basic unconstructed, low profile cap in pigment dyed 100% cotton with a mesh lining and adjustable strap. Why this cap? Besides the great quality and styling, I love the leather strap, I'm partial to pigment dyed fabrics and it comes in sixteen different shades including Caribbean blue, coral and cactus!

What is your hat style?

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