Sunday, March 23, 2014

Your Embroidered Logo: Budget-Minded Talls?

Looking for a inexpensive tall-sized polo in lime green? Check out the KP55T polo from Port & Company! Its available in twenty-two colors including charcoal, aquatic blue and safety orange!

You'll appreciate the KP55T'S extra length in the sleeves and torso. This stylish polo is made from 5.5-ounce, 50/50 cotton/polyester fabric, has a stain-release finish and coordinates with the KP55 polo and KP55P pocket polo in regular adult sizes.  Don't settle for a shirt that doesn't fit when all you really need is a tall size.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Your Embroidered Logo: Button Downs Or T's?

You're faced with a decision.Your new logo looks great in print but your embroiderer says it must be simplified for embroidery. You love all the details and shadowing so you wonder if there's another option.  Screen printing is suggested but you'll need to switch from button down to tee shirts.

Button downs or T's - how do you decide?  You want the professional look of button down shirts and don't want to downgrade their appearance by printing them. You also love all the details in your new logo so you don't want to simplify it for embroidery but will tee shirts work?

What should you do? If you need a more professional look choose embroidered button down shirts.  Customers will notice your logo and it will convey a higher value than a printed logo.  Although you may be disappointed that your embroidered logo is missing minor details it still contains the essential information that advertises your business and most likely your customers won't notice the difference!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Your Embroidered Logo: Need a Unparalleled Performer?

The Sport-Tek ST650 is a sharp-looking, moisture-wicking polo available in fourteen great colors. This tag-free sport shirt is made from 3.8 ounce polyester tricot.  It has a flat-knit collar, open hem sleeves and dyed-to-match rubber buttons.You'll love the look and feel of this budget-friendly polo shirt.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Your Embroidered Logo: Style Hunt?

Looking for a ladies three quarter sleeve that can be worn untucked? Ask your embroiderer! Many styles include spec information that shows how the item is cut. Your embroiderer can suggest styles that may work for you.

Striving for stripes? Striped clothing is hot and available for 2014.  Just be careful to have your logo embroidered in a thread color that's readable against both stripe colors and large enough to be easily seen unless you want a more subtle look.

Need the cheapest possible white polo? A purple tote bag? A hot pink trucker cap? Your embroiderer will know where to look!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Your Embroidered Logo: Heat-Up With Knit Caps!

Heat-up your advertising with embroidered knit caps! From the classic cuffed favorite to the Nike reversible knit you love the variety of styles.

Have a passion for pom-poms? A striped pom-pom beanie will boost your style.  Delight in textured space-dyed beanies? Fond for striped fine knit skull caps? Can't resist a cabled earflap? Have your logo embroidered in a bright contrasting color and you'll create a giveaway that will advertise your business!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Your Embroidered Logo: Missed Opportunities!

Embroidery companies just embroider shirts, right? No way! Branch-out from your usual mode of just ordering embroidered shirts and extend your advertising!

Have you considered embroidered sweaters or polar fleece pullovers for your office team? Embroidered jackets for your delivery personnel? Aprons for your trade show demonstration people?  Embroidered beanies for your next giveaway? Strengthen your business branding by displaying your logo wherever you and your staff goes!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Your Embroidered Designs: Hook the Right Design!

Need a replacement for your Dad’s well-worn fishing jacket?  Want to duplicate the left chest embroidered design but you don’t have the design and you can’t contact the original embroiderer? What should you do?

The image may be a stock embroidery design. These designs are sold by design companies and are cheaper to purchase than having a design digitized (converted into stitch format) from artwork. How do you know if you have a stock embroidery design?  Show it to an experienced embroiderer. They’ll have a good idea if that’s the case and if you’re lucky they might know which company sells your particular design. But, since there are thousands of designs that probably won’t be the situation.  What next?  Have your embroiderer suggest sites where you might find your design. Although you may not see your exact design you may locate one that is very close and it will look great on that new fishing jacket!