Sunday, October 19, 2014

Your Embroidered Logo: Docx Files

Planning to use a docx file as artwork for your embroidered button down shirts? Docx and doc files are word processing files designed to manage text.  These files can look changed or odd when opened on a different computer. Design elements can skew, fonts can be switched and colors can be altered.  When you email an image in a docx file you really have no idea what it will look like when its opened by someone else.

How do you avoid this? Create your logo in an artwork program and save your work in the highest resolution file possible so you'll maintain all the design's information. Unsure which file format can be read by everyone?  Save your design as a jpeg and everyone will be able to read it.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Your Business Logo: Do "Grabbed Images" Work?

You're looking for a quick quote for custom embroidered long sleeve polo shirts. You need to send artwork but you can't find your logo file.You copy and paste your logo from online and send that to receive a quote. Your embroiderer can use that image right?

Yes and no. The "grabbed" image will work for a quote as long as its readable.  But, most likely a higher resolution image will be needed for the embroidery set-up to accurately see the detail in your logo. If you can only supply a low resolution image then your poor quality artwork can negatively impact the quality of your embroidery set-up.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Your Embroidered Logo: To Get a Great Logo...

Use a graphic artist who has experience with embroidery. Someone who understands embroidery will know what works and doesn't work so they won't design a logo with elements that don't translate well into embroidery. How can you judge their experience? Ask to samples of their work. Samples should include artwork and the actual embroidered designs. Take the time to find an experienced designer and you'll get custom embroidered long sleeve polo shirts that look GREAT and help promote your business!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Your Embroidered Logo: Warm Up Your Advertising Team

Need an inexpensive give-away?  Distributing custom embroidered knit caps and beanies will boost your advertising power. Styles range from traditional cuffed knit caps to spaced-dyed beanies. Express your team spirit with vintage stripped "pom" beanies.  Show your individual attitude with dip-dyed slouch beanies. Cable brimmed hats are "cool" while ear-flap beanies give extra warmth. Want your embroidered cap to grab their attention? Choose a bright-colored hat in "neon pink glo" or pick  a "charge green/ graphite/silver" colorblock beanie. Make your style choice, add your embroidered logo and you've got a great way to market your business!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Your Embroidered Logo: Wondering If...

The white background in your artwork be removed during the embroidery set-up? YES! If your artwork contains areas that should be in white thread tell your embroiderer so they know these areas should be in thread.

The same embroidery set-up can be used for polo shirts and custom embroidered aprons? Yes! If the design isn't too large it can be used for shirts, aprons and possibly hats. Sometimes smaller designs won't work for detailed logos but if you plan to have polos or hats embroidered later then you might want to consider using a smaller design for your embroidered aprons.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Your Embroidered Logo: Design Tips

Want to order embroidered visors? Unsure how much information can be included? Visors are limited to 1" high x 4.5" wide designs. One line of text works best but you can add a small image next to your text if your text isn't too long. Two lines of text are possible but that will limit the height of the text to less than .5". How can you get the most impact from a text-only design? Choose a memorable font and add thickness to the letters when appropriate.

Need a second embroidered logo added to your polo shirts? Don't want it to compete with your primary logo? Place it on a sleeve. If your main logo is embroidered in the left chest location, have the second logo embroidered on the right sleeve.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Your Embroidered Logo: Did You Know?

The fabric of many new 50/50 polo shirt styles is constructed from up to 5% recycled polyester made from plastic bottles?

Stain-release polos don't have to be expensive?  Budget-friendly stain-release polo shirts are now available.

Not all 100% cotton polos are created equally? Some cottons are very soft while other cottons have performance qualities such as being fade, shrink, wrinkle and pill resistant.