Sunday, October 30, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: Will a Picture Work?

Your former embroiderer retired and you"re unable to obtain your existing embroidery machine file. You want to order shirts from a new embroiderer but, you don't have a digital file of your logo because your original embroiderer created your logo without using artwork.  Wondering if a photograph of your existing shirts will work?

Possibly. If your design is very simple (just text for example) and you can take a clear picture from directly above then a photograph might serve as a template for your embroidery set-up. But, if your design is more detailed and your image is unclear or distorted then it may not work for your set-up. In that case it might be better to have artwork created from a photograph.  Then you can spend time carefully proofing and revising your artwork before continuing with your embroidery set-up.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: Advertise Wherever You Go!

Running errands? Don't forget to wear your sweatshirt embroidered with your business logo. Stopping at the grocery store? Bring your grocery bags printed with your logo. Going to the football game? You'll need your embroidered beanie and fleece blanket. Catching a soccer match? Wear your embroidered polar fleece jacket. Don't miss an opportunity to advertise your business wherever you go!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: Design Your Business Logo

Designing your own business logo? Keep it simple, unique, memorable and appropriate for your business. Here are some tips:

  • Need inspiration?  View logo images online.  Don't copy anything but note how well-known logos are constructed, how much detail they contain and why certain logos catch your attention. 
  • Design your logo at the correct size for an embroidered left chest logo. Work within a 2.5" - 4" wide / high space and you'll be less likely to create a logo with too many details, incorrect proportions and text that's too small. Many people make the mistake of designing on a larger scale and when their logo is downsized they realize they've included too much information and some of the text is too small.
  • Pick a font for your business name that works for an embroidered logo. Avoid fonts with narrow columns or cut-out areas.Want to make a bold statement? Pick a bold font. A refined impression? Choose a readable script. High tech? Pick a modern-looking font. Unless your business name is short you'll want it to extend the full length of your logo width (2.5" - 4" wide). Have tag line text? Choose a simple font such as a block that works with your business name font.
  • View your logo against other background colors in addition to white before finalizing your logo colors unless you plan to only wear white shirts.
  • Design your logo, print it to scale, tape it on to a shirt and stand three feet away.  Is it readable? Does it appeal to your customers? Does it represent your type of business and how you do business?

Make changes, put your logo aside for a few days then review it again.  Get additional opinions from people who will provide an honest answer.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: When Printing is Better Option...

While most items look great with an embroidered logo there are times when having your logo printed will produce a better effect.  Let's say you want a small quantity of T's decorated with a large multi-colored design. The design is too large to be embroidered on a light-weight T-shirt so printing is a better option.  But, it will be expensive to have a multi-colored design screen printed on a small number of T's and it may be hard to locate a printer who will print a small quantity.  Is there another option? Yes - direct garment printing!

Direct garment printing is a process that allows you to have a few shirts printed without having to pay for screen charges and meet typical screen printing quantity minimums. The resulting print looks like screen printing except depending on the type of garment printer, white ink might not look as white when printed on dark-colored shirts. The per shirt cost will be slightly more than a screen printed shirt but there won't be any screen charges which would be expensive for a multi-colored screen printed design. To find a decorator who offers this type of printing ask the printer if they have "direct garment printing".

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: Change It Up!

Need a change? Wearing the same embroidered shirts for a period of time has brand recognition benefits but changing your look can give you and your logo an updated appearance. Here are some easy ways to give your logo a fresh look:

  • If you always wear the same shirt color switch to a different color or a shirt with a pattern or texture 
  • If you always wear polo shirts switch to a button down style
  • Have your logo embroidered in one color if your design can be simplified into one color
  • Choose a garment with a trim color that matches a color in your logo
  • Allow employees to choose their own garment colors
  • Have your logo embroidered on other items such as sweaters, fleece jackets and hats
  • Brighten the thread colors in your logo and have your logo embroidered on a sharply contrasting shirt color
  • Go subtle and have your logo embroidered in tone-on-tone thread colors.
Small changes can make a big difference!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: Ogio!

Ogio polo shirts: cutting edge good looks paired with top performance fabrics. Stay-cool wicking technology keeps you cool while modern detailing gives you a fashion forward look.

Style features include a heat transfer label for tagless comfort, debossed metal buttons and distinctive stitch detailing. Choose from colors like "gridiron green", "nitro yellow" and "bolt blue". For example, checkout Ogio's OG119, the "Leveler", in "blacktop". Its variegated mini stripe coloring, angled placket detail, asymmetrical back yoke and reflective heat transfer label give this shirt ATTITUDE.

You'll love the fit and feel of these sharp performers. Boost your professional edge wearing Embroidered Ogio Polo Shirts!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: Locate Your Favorite Hat?

You love your navy blue baseball hat! You've had it for years.  Now its time to buy custom embroidered hats to advertise your business. It'd be great if you could get the same style hat as before but you'll settle for a similar style. How do you find your perfect hat?

If you know the manufacturer and style number it should be easy to see if the style is still available. But, what if you don't have that information and the product tag only gives the RN or manufacturer's number?  Considering that the style may not longer be available it might be easier to look for a hat with similar features. But, there are hundreds of different hat styles. What should you check when exploring new styles?

Profile - Is the front profile low, medium or high?

Construction - Is the hat "constructed" (stiff ) or is it unconstructed (not stiff ) in the front?

Closure - What type of closure is used? Hook and loop (Velcro)? Buckle?

Flex Fit - If there's no closure is the headband flexible so it fits a variety of head sizes or is it sized to fit a certain head size?

Material - What type of material is the hat made from? Twill, nylon, bamboo, mesh, performance fabric or some thing else? Is it garment washed, pigment dyed or distressed? Does it have patterned material like camouflage or is it made from high-visibility, reflective safety material?

Detailing - Does it have color detailing? A contrasting underbill? Contrast stitching or some other type of decoration?

Can't find your exact hat? Decide what details are most important to you, try a sample hat and place your order for embroidered hats!