Saturday, August 20, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: Lettering Check

Looking for an embroiderer?  Pay close attention to how they handle text. Check:

  • Lettering spacing - letters are cleanly spaced and spacing reflects the the artwork
  • Connector threads (single threads between letters) - are barely visible
  • Letter heights - Letter heights are even
  • Outlines - Outline of letters are even and not jagged
  • Thread secure - is secure and bobbin thread (usually white) isn't visible
The quality of an embroidered logo is usually judged by its text.  If your embroidered text looks bad  it will reflect poorly on your business image.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: Background Color?

How many colors are in your embroidered logo? Two, three? The typical business logo has one to three thread colors. But WAIT, don't forget the shirt color! Unless you plan to wear white shirts most likely you haven't seen how your logo looks against different background colors.

Its important to think what background color will work best for your logo. Whatever you pick can have a big effect on how your logo is perceived. Pick a highly contrasting color and your embroidered logo will stand out well. Pick a slightly different color and your logo will make a more subtle statement. Pick a color that's similar to a color in your logo (many people do this because they associate that color with their business) and your logo will be hard to read. Its your choice. A subtle look can make a classy statement but when you want to be clearly seen think "high contrast".

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: Well-Designed?

Your embroidered business logo should be readable, directed to your potential customers, unique and memorable. But, will that alone give it a professional appearance? No.  It must be well-designed. It should be balanced with the primary focus given to your business name. What is a "balanced" logo?  A logo with a unified look with a good division of space, color and shape between the design elements.

When you look at your logo does your business name command primary attention with the secondary elements such as a tag line or image serving a supporting role? Or, does it have an amateurish, unorganized look with incorrectly sized elements in colors that don't work together?

If your logo has a poor appearance analyze it to understand what the problem is. Delete, resize and reposition elements and adjust the colors (don't forget to consider the background color) until you have an embroidered logo that works for your business and gives your embroidered button down shirts a top-quality, professional appearance!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: Style Focus - Long Sleeves with Features

Want a polo with a cotton feel and performance features? Try the Port Authority K800LS long sleeve polo shirt.  This 6.5-ounce, 100% cotton polo with an anti-curl collar resists pilling, fading, shrinking and wrinkling.You'll love this shirt's classic good looks and performance features.

Looking for a long sleeve polo shirt with tactical details like mic clips? The CornerStone CS410LS is a 6.6-ounce, moisture-wicking 100% polyester polo.  This polo has reinforced pen pockets, a tag-free label, snag-free fabric, a drop tail to stay tucked in and mic clips at the center placket and shoulders. Its available in sizes XS - 4X in six colors. Add your logo and you'll have custom embroidered long sleeve polo shirts with a professional look!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: Changes?

Last time we discussed what changes can be made to your artwork to make it work for embroidery.  Wondering what changes can't easily be made?

Change the font - a font in your artwork can't be changed to another font unless you provide artwork for the new font. But, if there is very small text in a detailed font sometimes that font can be switched to a more common font so the text is more readable at a small size.

Downsize the logo to whatever size is needed - depending on the amount of detail and the required size you may be able to downsize your logo.

Add a border or shadow - a border or shadow can be added if there is enough room in the design.

Not sure what changes can be made to your artwork?  Ask your embroiderer.  They can correctly size your logo and let you know if any changes are needed.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: Modifying Artwork?

You had a new business logo designed recently but you've never used it to purchase embroidered shirts. You realize your logo might need modifications to make it "embroidery-friendly" but what does that mean? What types of changes can be made?

Resize artwork?  - Artwork can be resized but it may be impossible to embroider small details.  Instead it may be better to simplify or eliminate those details.

Change colors? - The colors in your embroidered design can be different than in your artwork. If you change the colors make sure they look balanced and show up well against the garment color.

Eliminate elements? - Design elements such as small text, shadows and borders can be eliminated. If you eliminate shadows and borders make sure you can easily read your logo without modifying the colors.

Resize elements? - Design elements can be resized if there is enough room within the embroidery area. For example, small text can be enlarged to make it more readable.

Kern text? - Unwanted space can be eliminated between individual characters of a word so the connector threads aren't visible.

Divide text? - Small text can be divided into two lines and increased in size so its more readable.

Remove white background? - The white background of a jpeg image can be easily removed. If you have white elements in your design note that those elements are to be in white thread so they aren't removed.

For more tips on how to make the most of your embroidered logo see Embroidery News.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Your Embroidered Logo: Fit Everyone!

Hate being that guy wearing a navy blue shirt when everyone else is wearing light blue or stone - especially when its hot outside and all the sun's rays seem drawn to your shirt? If only the company embroiderer provided a better selection of tall sized button down shirts...

Its one year later. You've just received this year's embroidered shirts.  You take a look. Wait - instead of the typical navy shirts you've got light blue and stone!  Is this a size mix-up? You try them on and they FIT! The tags say XLT! Now you can wear big and tall embroidered button down shirts in colors that match your fellow employees! Now you can wear shirts that fit and you "fit" in with your group.